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Pass Your CFA Exam With Confidence

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Nobody ever sets out to fail their certification exams, but the inevitable reality is that some do. It’s only once the results are out that the soul-searching begins to pinpoint what exactly went wrong.

CPA versus CMA: Which one is for you?

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The two professional designations CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) both offer a route to higher earnings and a career path with great prospects, so knowing which one to pursue can feel confusing. While they share some things in common, they are also quite different – read on to find out what sets them apart and which one could be right for you.

51 of the 55 Watt Sells winners prepared with Becker

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The AICPA recently announced the winners of the 2013 Elijah Watt Sells Awards.  This year, we are thrilled to announce that 51 of the 55 Watt Sells winners chose to prepare with Becker

It’s Not Just Accountancy

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By Morgan International Staff Writers 

Passing the CIA

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One person’s valuable perspective on tips to get ahead

A New Year, A New Career?

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The FP&A Program will boost your chances in a competitive field

Internal Audit: More Important Than Ever

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Now is a great time to be an internal auditor, and predictions are that the importance to business of this role is set to increase: salaries are on the rise, and internal auditors with certain specializations are increasingly sought after.

Morgan Appointed as the First Platinum Provider for Wiley’s CMA Review

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With more than 16 years experience of bringing CMA teaching expertise to the region, and having helped thousands of candidates to get certified and achieve career success, Morgan International is fully committed to promoting the Management Accounting profession and to helping companies and individuals achieve business and personal success. This commitment was formally recognized in November when Morgan International was appointed as a platinum provider for the CMA Review program across the region – making it unique in this respect.

Which type of learner are you?

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By Morgan International Staff Writers 

The Rise of the CPA: Three Letters that Signal you are in Demand

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 By Morgan International Staff Writers 

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